Tech-enabled brand and customer management services tailored for your business

Generate market insight, manage canvassers and merchandisers, and boost awareness for your brand with Sampingan Solutions.

886K+ active users

100+ partner companies

204+ completed projects

Why use Sampingan Solutions?

Wide area coverage

Extensive network of workers, agents, and nano influencers, available all across 80 cities in Indonesia.

Transparent and trackable

Our data capture system makes sure all data and activities are trackable via the live dashboard to provide better visibility of the process.

Best price in the market

Our tech-based approach ensures seamless workflow, eliminating the need for middlemen, and effectively reduce operational costs in between.

An end-to-end approach for every service

Field Service Management

Have your sales strategy and operations executed the way you want it.

Research Management

Know your customers better, gain insights, and build better products through our offerings that range from product development research to brand strategies and planning.

Customer Experience Management

Engage with your customers through various channels and provide them with the best experience.


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“1000 Qualified Leads, in just 3 months, with 85% conversion rate.”

A community-based mobile application designed to connect the Indonesian Muslim community

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“The number of users increased 100% from the monthly target.”

A mobile application designed for Indonesian Muslim community

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“Highly professional. Each project was done with excellent output quality.”

A full-service creative agency specializing in advertising & marketing


Understand, and then strategize

“Workforce”, “SAAS”, “blue-collar employment”, that’s a lot of big terms to understand in building a business strategy. So we compiled some of the best practices and industry insights you might need to make proper decisions. 
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