Bridge the gap between offline and online

Onboard users or merchants to use your products and see how your brand is doing in-store with the help of Sampingan

Industry Background

You had the great idea that is your business, but how is it doing on the ground? Sampingan can help you get people to know, install, and actually use your product through qualified fieldforce that can be deployed to different merchants. Moreover, see how your product or brand is doing on the ground through retail audit.


Ensuring seamless offline and online interactivity


All-inclusive service, less hassle for you

Data collection, activation, installation, and reporting, all will be managed by Sampingan.


Transparent and interactive process

Customizable dashboard and performance tracker allows you to keep track the real-time data collection activity, making sure that they suit your standards.


Nationwide area coverage

850,000+ users are available for you to access different merchants and users all over Indonesia

Recommended Service

Field Service Management solutions

Managing end-to-end field activities starting from data collection, activation, to installation, helping clients to approach and work on the public door to door or any targeted merchants.

Retail Audit solutions

Retail audit program allows your business to collect on-the-ground store data and insights on how your business operates and brand’s overall in-outlet health

Kerjaan/ WMS systems

A user-friendly workforce management system that offers real-time data integration, making it easier to manage on-the-ground field workers for merchant/user acquisition and retention

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Understand, and then strategize

“Workforce”, “SAAS”, “blue-collar employment”, that’s a lot of big terms to understand in building a business strategy. So we compiled some of the best practices and industry insights you might need to make proper decisions. 
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