Stay on top of your
delivery and warehouse

Sampingan can help you get the right people to deliver or manage your warehouse, so you can provide  the best service for your customers.

Industry Background

Planning, maintaining, and transporting materials can be highly intricate, especially with the demand of speed and quality. Sampingan can help you by providing qualified workers that are ready to deploy within 24 hours. Our tech-based approach allows a transparent process, so you can monitor your operation and ensure efficiency.

Logistic operations made simple


Qualified, pre-vetted workers

Screened through a meticulous assessment system, workers are ready for fast-paced operations tasks.

quick and easy


Quick and easy recruitment process

Our tech enabled hiring process makes it possible for workers to be deployed within 24 hours.



Nationwide Coverage

850,000+ workers are available for logistics operations in different parts of the country.

Recommended Service


Hardworking and dependable workers to organize your warehouse inventory

Courier manpower

Agile couriers apt in knowledge of street/route conditions that are eager to deliver your items right on time

Kerjaan/WMS systems

A user-friendly workforce management system that offers real-time data integration, making it easier to manage on-the-ground couriers and worker.

Your customers are waiting,
it’s time to meet their demand.


Understand, and then strategize

“Workforce”, “SAAS”, “blue-collar employment”, that’s a lot of big terms to understand in building a business strategy. So we compiled some of the best practices and industry insights you might need to make proper decisions. 
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