Deliver the best campaigns to your clients with the right insights and the right crowd

Bring your client’s brand to the right people and fulfill your targets with Sampingan’s market research
and nano-influencer services

Industry Background

Coming up with a great campaign requires insightful data and the right avenue to boost its performance. Sampingan can facilitate your market research, tailored for your project. Moreover, we can connect you to people who will introduce your campaign or product to your target market. Fulfill your target, even when you are on a tight deadline.


Time and cost efficient solutions for your projects


Fast delivery time

Surveys and projects can be deployed within 24 hours.


No complicated numbers or jargons

The data and insights you receive are coherent and reliable, making it easier for you to make better decisions for your projects.



The validity of data and performance can be monitored, and the price will be based on pay-per-valid performance basis.

Recommended Service

Market           solutions

Facilitating businesses across industries in acquiring accurate data and insights that are coherent and reliable.

Nano              solutions

Scaling up the word-of-mouth marketing, utilising nano influencers can get more people to learn your products and help you promote your campaign

Your customers are waiting,
it’s time to meet their demand.


Understand, and then strategize

“Workforce”, “SAAS”, “blue-collar employment”, that’s a lot of big terms to understand in building a business strategy. So we compiled some of the best practices and industry insights you might need to make proper decisions. 
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