Monitor the attendance
and perfomance of your workers, wherever you
Giving you transparency of your workforce,
customizable to different types of workers and tasks

Our Product and services

Designed to enhance your management process
  • Tools
  • Full Service
A transparent, user-friendly workforce management portal

A dashboard to help you monitor the workers’ attendance and performance on real-time

Different types of attendance, including QR code, selfie, and geofencing to suit on-site or remote operations

Automated workers’ payroll system to allow a hassle-free and paperwork-free process

A KPI-based workforce
management service
Sampingan will manage your workers’ employment
contracts and ensure a smooth and thoroughly
documented signing process
A dedicated team to closely monitor workers’ attendance
performance on a daily basis
Sampingan will ensure the workers’ payroll are disbursed
on time and based on precise calculations, including
workers’ compensation and benefits

How it works

Our management service covers 7 elements


Contract managing

Contract creation and renewal with digital signing to ensure legal compliance


Shifting arrangement

Shifting allocation that connects with worker attendance


Attendance monitoring

Equipped with a geofencing feature to increase attendance accuracy


Fraud & accident handling

A fast and comprehensive issue handling to minimize risks for both client and workers


Payroll handling

A seamless payroll report to minimize manual reconciliation and ensure the right salary amount can be disbursed on time with payslip as a proof


Worker benefit & engagement

An EWA system and a committed Worker Partner team to retain our worker and increase their work satisfaction

Why manage workers through Sampingan

A hassle-free workforce management process
Frame 443

Tailored to your needs

The services are adjusted to your specific demands and requirements
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A trustable partner

Sampingan has been trusted by over 150 companies, and we are committed to
maintaining the trust and the safety of your business
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Tech-enabled infrastructure

A digital staffing platform that is designed to minimize manual process and increase your business efficiency

Our Service Coverage

Choose the staffing coverage needed by your business. Unsure which option to choose? Contact our sales team and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs!

Tools only

Suitable for businesses that require workforce management and retention systems

Full service

Suitable for businesses that need a comprehensive staffing services

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